Legal Model and Attorney Network

Following an initial portfolio assessment, Crown’s portfolio analytics normally determine the collection treatment path for individual accounts. Initially, Crown places all accounts with a servicer. The servicers typically attempt to establish contact with consumers to try and resolve the account through a settlement and/or payment plan. Accounts not selected for legal processing are placed primarily with collection agencies. Accounts selected for legal processing are often placed at law firms or specialized collection agencies for pre legal collection activity. Legal action is normally employed for accounts where the consumer has verified assets and/or is employed, but the consumer is unwilling to resolve the debt.

Crown has built a proprietary legal network encompassing all fifty states. In large volume states, Crown may employ multiple firms. The law firms have all been through a rigorous due diligence process by Crown, including site visits, process reviews and personnel interviews. Particular attention is paid to data security, personnel training, compliance and counterclaims filed against the firm. Law firms utilized by Crown are also subject to annual audits.


Crown also provides outsourcing services to debt buyers and portfolio managers. Crown places all accounts for litigation with servicers and manages communications between its clients and the servicers.  Crown manages the entire process and clients are updated regularly.

Law firm legal fee rates vary from state to state. Crown can manage client legal outsourcing at a flat rate for each state. The rate does not include client costs such as filing fees, court fees, costs of service and miscellaneous expenses. However, by placing client accounts with servicers of Crown's own legal placements, Crown is able to negotiate much lower contingent fee rates than the client could obtain on their own. 



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