Crown Asset Management works to ensure that its servicers treat consumers fairly, with dignity and respect.


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Founded in 2004 by Brian K. Williams, Crown Asset Management is a professional receivables management and purchasing firm with extensive experience with distressed consumer receivables. Crown purchases portfolios for its own business and also manages portfolios for other firms in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry.

Crown’s purchase and management activity begins with an extensive analytic process for potential new portfolios. Using ten years of operating history and cutting edge predictive analytics, Crown gains critical insight into the future performance of each portfolio in order to make effective, profitable, purchase decisions.

Once a portfolio is acquired, Crown places the accounts in its proprietary network of collection agencies and law firms across the country. Because of its analytics, Crown is able to move accounts into the most effective treatment path (legal or non-legal) early in the collection process, saving time, money and increasing portfolio returns. Crown outsources all collection activity to independent collection agencies and law firms and performs no collection activity on consumer accounts.

Crown prides itself on compliance with applicable state, local and federal regulations. Crown works to ensure that its servicers treat consumers fairly, with dignity and respect. Crown has a comprehensive Consumer Relations Policy that can be downloaded by consumers. We also provide the opportunity for consumers to file a complaint with Crown and strive to ensure a response within five business days.

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